Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss, Austin Corrosive, Tassid – Corrosive 02 (Corrosive)

Posted: August 1, 2011 in Acid Techno
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Cat no: Corrosive 002
Release date: 13/07/11

Get it from: 909 London

Acid Corrosion – Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss
Clean, loud and efficient: a spry, fidgety acid line fades in slowly over the first minute-and-half before the kick drops away at 1.33, then slams back in at 1.46 with teeth-grinding ferocity . A whispered ‘acid corrosion’ sample tops things off by which time the acid line’s started to get all wide-eyed and raggedy and out of control. And though sadly it never quite goes to that promised next level it does have a long outro with the acid corrosion sample repeated, that you just know will sound great bubbling away in the mix.

Champion Sound – Austin Corrosive
BPM: 147
A fantastic homage to late nineties SUF and an interesting sonic workout in its own right, Champion Sound begins fast and stays there, dripping with acid lines so sleazy they’re downright pornographic. During an extended break at 3.42 things take a twisted, fucked-up turn, the noises weirder and more disorientating, the whole thing almost threatening to ping off in some random, unexpected direction. It’s thrilling, seat-of-the-pants stuff, and you sense that Mr Corrosive could get seriously ninja with with the head-wrecking noises if he so chooses. Hint: let’s hope he does.

Lethal Poison – Tassid **
A jaw-droppingly good tune, this, its individual elements marshalled superbly, sounding as funky as it is hard. The funkiness comes via an M.I.A sample; the hardness partly from a brain-damaging kick, but mainly from an acid line that is to-die-for. No, really. It is to. Die. For. Fast and dirty and hard, you’ll grin when you hear it. You’ll get goosebumps and the hairs on your arms will rise like zombie hands from graves. Every track on this EP is great – I cannot get enough of Corrosive at the moment and this must be their strongest release yet  – but this track takes the honours. Just.

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