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New on Circuit Protocol comes this from Matt Knight, aka MK303, and it’s a cracker. Maniacs on bongos kick off Parallel Universe, a riff kicks in and it’s a good riff, it’s a livable riff, but what sets MK303 productions apart is his readiness to take it to the next level, and sure enough he does that here – and how. A cloud of dust heralds the arrival of the 303, which bosses the song from good to brilliant. Another one appears and we’re talking some serious hed-melting, psychedelic shit here, completely nuts and irresistibly funky.

Risky Neural Stimulant at first appears to be a more laidback venture than Parallel Universe, until it really gets going. Imagine the bassline to I Feel Love on steroids and you’ve got the picture here. It fair thumps along, with intertwining 303s slithering between skyscraping kickdrum. In short, these are two absolutely storming tunes and this EP comes highly recommended.

Get it here: 303 Acid Techno