Robi Suss, Nesbit & DevilFishFury – AER006 (London Style EP)

Posted: November 12, 2013 in Acid Techno, Review
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Robi Suss’s Trip Back is a worthy A-side for this release. A slyly addictive tune I like the more I hear it, it evolves from a series of hammer blows and tik tok rhythms, the bass drum and hats building for a full three minutes before a series of effects introduces the acid drop. It’s a great technique and means the 303 sounds extra meaty when it arrives, landing like an axe to the head when you open the door to a stranger on a rainy night.  Sounds of Acid, meanwhile, is an SUF tribute, complete with a geezer vocal and some mega-squirly acid. Its great in the build  but ultimately promises a wee bit more than it delivers, and drops out just when you want it to really wig out, although I guess that has a lot to do with personal preference, mine being at the exploding eyeballs end of things.

Meanwhile, Nesbit’s Toxic Afterparty is an absolute cracker, boasting a funtabulous hardgroove opening. Chikka-wikka tribal drums jostle with effects for a couple of minutes before several kegs of Watney’s Red Barrel arrive and the Toxic Afterparty begins in earnest. For the main event two seriously scuffed-up and down-pitched acid lines take centre stage and batter the house into submission, but – and this is the really cool bit – without sacrificing the loose, funky feel of the tune’s first section. This is a very neat trick if you can do it. Mobile Dogwash do it a lot. And Nesbit’s absolutely on point with this.

Lastly DevilFishFury’s Around the Bend, which is Nesbit and ‘Tom & Riff’.  Not being very technical, I’ve no idea what the Devil Fish mod actually does, but it sure sounds tasty. What I really love about Around the Bend is the experimental feel to it, especially during the truly mental breakdown, where so much is chucked into the mix I half expected Gregorian chanting to start up. It’s noisy, for sure, but personally I love noisy. I live for busy. And I suspect you do too, so we should all be happy.

Get it from: Audio Eargasm Bandcamp

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