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In recent weeks Soitiz has been relaunched with a fresh website design and even a new sister label. A press release about it is here, but in a nutshell what’s happened is that Swifty has teamed up with an established artist/producer, a ‘sleeping partner’ if you like, who’ll be helping out with mastering and A&R, while from now on the label will also have a sister label, Soitiz Silver, offering free downloads in order to help promote and establish new talent. Meanwhile, the long-awaited Soitiz 002, the Droppin’ The Acid EP, has appeared, so let’s take a look at that…

First up, Swifty and MK303’s brilliantly titled I Keep Saying No To Drugs But They Never Listen has a super-bouncy, rolling kick, that takes us up to a mini-break and drum roll at 1.39 when the main melody kicks in. And, hello, it’s the riff from Q Project’s Champion Sound given an Acid Techno makeover, underpinning some seriously unhygenic 303 action. Fantastic.

What’s Goin On is vintage A.P. He’s at his best when he’s slowly ratcheting up the tension and here he does exactly that. Opening with a low, growly, grid-friendly riff, like ominous noise on an empty rain-swept street, a growly 303 steps out of shadows, before around the halfway mark the whole caboodle pings off into some seriously squally, full-on footchase action.

Meanwhile, on Activate MK303 continues to tweak convention, dropping us straight into a tune that already feels fully formed. It’s anchored by a superb, signal-pulse, a siren call that gives the track its heart and gives MK303 the freedom to let the main acid line get loose, flitting in and out of the beats, rising and falling.

Lastly Serious Shit finds Starsky & Hutch raiding a vintage sounds for the build and when the acid arrives at at about 3.40 it’s gratifyingly fat. What’s more the track uses this sample from Back to the Future, which automatically distinguishes it in my eyes.

So there it is – yet another essential release from Soitiz. A rejuvenated Soitiz, no less, who are bringing more than just their share of enthusiasm and excitement to the scene, they’re brining raw talent and monster tunes too.

In memory of the lovely Lady Sybil Crawley, I present a mix of a few recent favourites, a couple of old ones…


Chris Hawkins – Canarian Island (Trevor Benz remix)
Mobile Dogwash – Usual Pharmacology – Mobile Dogwash Remix
Temperature Drop – Mosquito’s Tweeter 2012 Remix
OB1 – Random Act
Osmo – Fuck Your Lies
Starsky & Hutch feat Fazmo – Bitches from Brighton
Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss – The Swarm
Tassid – It’s Ridiculous
Jye Feelgood – Acid Swamp
Tik Tok – 303 Brotherhood
Nesbit – The Game
Fantompowa Meets The Geezer – Dadawas
Convection Criminals – Fajitta Swing
Mobile Dogwash – Lucy Int Sky Wi Dogwash