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Some NEW acid in the mix, mainly from the last few months.

Tracklisting is:

Alex Kenji & Luigi Rocca – Acid Monks
F+S (Franz & Shape) – Acid One
Adam Derry – 130 Jam
Woo York & Vegim – Bass Machinnen (DAVE The Drummer dub mix)
D.A.V.E The Drummer & Marcello Perri – Purpose
Justin E – Resistance
Freethinker – Release The Scud
Freethinker – 401
Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss – Acid Corrosion
Steve Mills – London Acid Techno
A.P & Josh Inc – Pure fuzz
Nitronoise – Drink & Drive
Zoid – Day Off
Tik Tok & Turtle – Boxed Up
Tik Tok – Fucka Hooka (2011 mix)
Justin E – Jacob’s Ladder
Mobile Dogwash – Roll Em Phat
Acid Chochi – Running For Fun
OB1 – A Little Something
Subutex & DJ D8 – Fuck That
Austin Corrosive – Recharge
Tassid – Recharge Remix
KitShunt – With A K (1st Edit)

Cat no: Coaxial007 
Release date:

OB1 – A Little Something
BPM: 147
Two very different tracks here, but both bang like a barn door in a hurricane, fizz with a raw, punk spirit, and sound like they mean it. The kick that lifts off A Little Something, for example, is truly earth-shaking, and when the acid drops by at 2.11 it’s a dark, untamed thing. A contained rage holds the track together, though, even as it shifts into a third phase at 3.55, an extended break introducing all manner of synthy siren stabs and an evolving acid line that works itself into a frenzy before dropping out for a long outro. You want to hear it? You should. Click below for a sound sample.

A Little Something sound sample

Tik Tok – Fucka Hooka (2011 mix)**
BPM: 145
Hooligan and berserk, Fucka Hooka’s the volatile enforcer to A Little Something’s implacable boss. Its 303 seems to spin and giggle like cracked-out carnival music, while savage, goggle-eyed noises saw away in the background and mad drums constantly threaten to send it out of control. The overall effect is like that scene in Goodfellas where Joe Pesci goes, ‘Funny, how?’ but set to music, and it’s a perfect yin to A Little Something’s yang – the Pesci to its De Niro. Which is 007’s nominal A-side and which is its B-side, I couldn’t say, but it doesn’t matter because they’re both essential. I’m told the next Coaxial release is OB1’s Olly Berry remixing Fucka Hooka, and Tik Tok on A Little Something. Fingers crossed the results are as devastating as the pairings suggest.

Fucka Hooka (2011 Mix) sound sample

Get it from: Fentek 303

Cat no: Corrosive 909 001
Release date: 24/05/11

Get it from: 909 London 

Recharge – Austin Corrosive
A big tune, this, with plenty to like, starting with hypnotic tribal drums and a vocal sample that gives it a finger of fudgy funkiness. Next a bad-tempered, distorted acid line drops by and kicks the place apart for a while. It’s got horns with it. Things get real nasty. Then it leaves and that funky vocal serenades us out. A good track and a total contender for best of the EP, although that honour ultimately goes elswhere. 

Loose Control – Fil Devious
BPM: 145
Buffeted kickdrum, a sample saying ‘lose control’ (not, ahem ‘loose control’), plenty of breaks and an acid line that builds, drops and builds again. A solid but unspectacular tune. Moving on, and the thinking behind Corrosive Digital is not only to run a digi-only label alongside the vinyl-orientated Corrosive, but also to showcase up-and-coming producers, so the next two tunes belong to a pair of names that are new to us.

Fix as Funk – Gav Feedback **
…and the acid drops in straight away. First beat of the bar and that 303 is snarling: a big, funky acid line that dominates the first half of the track, leaving enticing little details to pop away in the background: old skool bleeps, nicely separated percussion, the ‘damn you all to hell’ sample from Planet of the Apes. Things are mixed up around the halfway mark, and that amazing 303 falls away a bit. Is it instrumentation? No, it’s a power loss. Is it supposed to end that suddenly? I don’t know, but it does. Even so, it gets the coveted double asterisk from me.

Dumbass – OB1
The Dumbass of the title is George W Bush, and the track begins with his famous howler from 2000 when he declared, ‘We cannot let terrorists and rogue nations hold this nation hostile or hold our allies hostile.’ There are a couple of other Bushisms elsewhere in the track, and while the track’s okay, and the acid sufficiently screeching, it’s… I don’t know, having him in there just feels like an old joke that wasn’t very funny in the first place, and I can’t really get past it. Sorry.