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MPIA3 – Ely EP (Avian)

Posted: October 26, 2012 in Acid Techno, Review, Techno
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From the fog-bound end of the street scuttles this acid release on Avian, previously on 12-inch and now on digital. And not so much released as on the run, hugging the walls, looking over its shoulder, a fumblesome mass of sweating hands and facial tics. Both are – for this blog at least – slow (128 and 127 BPM respectively), and both have kicks thick with grime that no amount of Swarfega will shift. First up, Ely’s acid line starts off quite politely until the halfway mark, when it dissolves into full-blown psychosis and distorts off the matrix altogether. Meanwhile, whether track two Squatter’s Dog is intended as an homage to Rozzer’s Dog, only MPIA3 (aka Truss) can say*, but the fact remains that, like Ely, it’s stripped back and jittery, pairing those raw drums with a somewhat more restrained but still gratifyingly paranoid 303.

Get it from: Juno Download

* He has since said