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Cat no: VOD 016
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The drawback of being a lazy bastard and not posting since August – August! – is that I miss covering some great tunes, but this one I’m not letting slip through the net, no sir. Nailz you probably already know. At 146 BPM it’s just the rickety-ticket for taking proceedings up a notch; those cantering drums don’t do it any harm, and the main riff, hard and metallic, is as funky as it is scary,  something of a Justin E trademark. Red Herring kicks my arse from here until next week — again with the scary riffs, yo! Meanwhile, Psycosis and Chimera are just that little bit deeper, little bit darker. And then, woah, Outpost, easily the most brooding and soundtracky thing I’ve heard from Mr Edwards, a nightmarish wash of oxidisation – peeling, tarnished, a future already in decay. Awesome stuff.

Silex is the new project from Fil Devious and Justin E, who together have been mining a love of horror movies and techno riffery for this debut EP, a more sinister, and snarling thing you couldn’t hope to find.

Coulrophobia, (145 BPM) then. No, I didn’t know what it meant either. The fear of clowns apparently: their cadaverous white faces, the painted-on grin that hides what they’re really thinking, which is that they want to skin you alive then stuff your body into the crawlspace. Accordingly, the Silex take opens with a clean kick, like the insistent drip-drip of an underground pool, but then comes a nasty, bubbling bassline, and then a set of chords that stare at you red-eyed from inside a storm drain. It hits its groove and stays there, dark, but without resorting to the industrial sound that’s getting a bit wearing elsewhere, intense and subtly layered. Fluff Buzz (143 BPM) is just as good. Coulrophobia’s sci-fi twin, it blasts away with trippy, swirling effects and nagging melodies, while Touch Tone Trip (145 BPM) breaks out a sample from The Thing halfway through and teases you with a ghostly 303 that might not even be there. Superb stuff.

Get it from: Juno

Some NEW acid in the mix, mainly from the last few months.

Tracklisting is:

Alex Kenji & Luigi Rocca – Acid Monks
F+S (Franz & Shape) – Acid One
Adam Derry – 130 Jam
Woo York & Vegim – Bass Machinnen (DAVE The Drummer dub mix)
D.A.V.E The Drummer & Marcello Perri – Purpose
Justin E – Resistance
Freethinker – Release The Scud
Freethinker – 401
Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss – Acid Corrosion
Steve Mills – London Acid Techno
A.P & Josh Inc – Pure fuzz
Nitronoise – Drink & Drive
Zoid – Day Off
Tik Tok & Turtle – Boxed Up
Tik Tok – Fucka Hooka (2011 mix)
Justin E – Jacob’s Ladder
Mobile Dogwash – Roll Em Phat
Acid Chochi – Running For Fun
OB1 – A Little Something
Subutex & DJ D8 – Fuck That
Austin Corrosive – Recharge
Tassid – Recharge Remix
KitShunt – With A K (1st Edit)

Another mix of all Soundcloud Acid, and there’s some seriously brilliant tunes in there…

The tracklisting is…

dyLAB - Acid Pass One
Alexi Delmano – Acid Burning Remix
Acidulant – S-Vpam
Otz - rebi
Minimum Syndicat - Lost Planet
Homemade Acid - The Place We're Looking For
Bekracid - Soulharvesters
Neatcorp - Exiles
Justin E - In the Mouth Of Madness
DJ Mente - Bicycle
Fil Devious - Trip Switch
Sisku Acid - Electricman
The Badger - It's not Rock & Roll... It's Acid!
Northeus - Greentooth
Imperfect Being - (You're All) Dreaming
David Diagonal - Autograft
Doorfer - Acid on Fire
Joey DJ - Teeth

Hearing a ton of good stuff upped to Soundcloud got me wanting to do a mix, so here it is. All fantastic stuff, all downloaded from Soundcloud and all absolutely free.

The tracklisting is…

Zafer Gürkan Ağırman - Heavy Rain
DyLAB - May Acid Pattern
Shugsy - Acidpants
Balzano - Tracigd
Otz - Analogue Monster
Robert Babicz - Remote Kiss (K.Larm & J.Raninen Remix)
Reverse Forward - For God's Sake
Gerome Sportelli - Polyform
The Setup - Acid Fashion Redux
David Diagonal - Umbilical 303
Distek - Praktikal
DJ Mente - Acid Biker 2011
Neatcorp - batty7
Philacid - Dioxid
Son Of Mom - Acid For Life
Nuwinski Vs n3oc0rt3x - whatever man
Jonnay - Effing Creeper
Justin E - Acid wobble
Special Patrol - The Special Patrol Group
Jamie C - Tribal Acid Oldskool
Sisku Acid - Infected Sound
Northeus - Museumstreetmuggings
Homemade Acid - Acidist
Tassid - Psilocybin
Zafer Gürkan Ağırman - Heavy Rain