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Cat no: Cluster 90
Release date:

Deadly Swine **
BPM: 145
Great swacky noises and a big-boy kickdrum open the A-side, which thunders along with a sinister build until a short break around the halfway mark, kicking back in at 3.05. It’s not about build-and-release here, though, it’s about the head-messing noises and restless screeching that give the whole thing a sense of barely controlled, nervy psychosis. Majestic stuff, and one of the best tunes of this year so far.

Fuck that Beat
BPM: 145
‘Fuck that beat’ says the sample. Or does it? Perhaps it says ‘rock’ or even ‘ruck’ that beat – neither of which improves matters. The track itself isn’t that bad, and I dare say that if you stripped out the sample it might be okay as a tool. But as it stands it’s a not-as-exciting Dr Jekyll to Deadly Swine’s menacing Hyde.