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The label you can  trust to meet your filthy needs, Chase Yer Tail once again come up trumps with a great four-tracker. It kicks off with Like Water from label dons Mobile Dogwash and DJ No Comment, who’s otherwise known as Aaron Higgins, from Dublin party fiends Transformer sounds.  It has a bowel-shaking bass, looped 90s techno chords and – of course, this being Dogwash – one of their patented scruffy acid lines. The eponymous quote from Bruce Lee introduces a manic third section from which you emerge, bloody and bruised.

OB1’s sound is cleaner, more separate – and funky as all hell. Indecent Exposure has a repeating siren throughout, but it’s in the acid lines where this is really happening. There are three or four of them blasting away. They build up to a breakdown where if you can imagine the acid lines like monstrous snakes and OB1 like a riot cop beating them back with a baton until ultimately he is overrun, then you’ve got the picture. By the end of the track they’ve taken over completely, rising in pitch and intensity until your veins explode, bloodying the pristine driven snow . I’m telling you, from the breakdown to the outro this is pure acid heaven. Round of applause for OB1.

So – what a great idea to have Indecent Exposure remixed by Twisted Tyrants (which the last time I looked was Mobile Dogwash and Dave Atomizer). As expected they bring the sleaze. Meanwhile, to take us home, is Jared Blyth, who usually appears as Nesbit. Reptiles comes with samples from Fear and Loathing and a suitably headbanging acid line, though as so often with Jared’s tracks it’s in the atmospherics where the real treasures lie. I especially like the looped horn, giving the track a 90s SUF feel. Bonzer!

Get it from: 909

Eyedropper from Acid Kazuals is an absolutely killer track, the whole thing teetering on the edge of crazy distortion, much like the narrator of the tale around which it’s built, who’s out for a walk when a tripping guy squirts an eyedropper full of acid – twenty or thirty hits’ worth, he reckons – into his mouth. “I realised I was in trouble,” he says, with commendable understatement, and the nightmare begins, soundtrack, this: acid like chainsaws, filthy riffs scuffing in the background, the whole thing seething with the ominous, something’s-about-to-go-horribly-wrong feel of The Gift. Miss it at your peril.

Next up is Make People Run by Mobile Dogwash vs Steve Getz , and it’s another scary sample, this one from Dexter (I think), underpinned by metallic 90s techno and of course a patented Dogwash acid line. It’s surpassed by the next track, Git Yer Freak On, mainly by virtue of those obese peak-time chords that slice through the second half of the tune. Lastly Total Shitstorm is Dogwash seen through the prism of vintage Stay Up Forever. Imagine any tune by Magnum Force torn apart by a pack of dogs and reassembled by silent children with no faces. Yeah, that evil. And then, just when you think you have the measure of it, a murderous acid line appears and the sky tears open. It’s a barnstorming end to yet another essential Chase Yer Tail release.

Get it from: 909 London

With releases on Injector, Corrosive, Acid Test… actually, just about every Acid label you care to name, as well as curating their own Chase Yer Tail label, Mobile Dogwash have been nothing if not prolific of late. Neither have they been spreading themselves thin. In fact, they remain on imperial form, releasing banger after banger, all of them with that distinctive Dogwash aesthetic.

Which is? Riff monsters. Sleazy riff monsters at that. Funky, sleazy riff monsters packed with boomy, sustain-heavy drums, squealing, melodic, phat ass acid lines, and all with the forward propulsion of a flaming car pushed off a cliff. Whether you’re playing out, you’re a bedroom warrior, or a techno-charged gym monkey, you drop a Dogwash track in a set and it is going off.

It’s all there on EP hightlight Fully Charged, which comes courtesy of the Dogwash & Dave Atomizer under their Twisted Tyrant moniker and broadly speaking sounds like how the soundtrack to Death Race 2000 should sound – if the job was given to a bunch of nutters from Sheffield.

Meanwhile, Head Noddin’ Shit by Acid Kazuals (Dogwash and Si McLean) has an old skool ‘wreck the discotheque’ sample, which lends the track a funky counterpoint to the sheet-metal percussion going on elsewhere – an approach explored on the last occasion Dogwash teamed up with Si McLean, funnily  enough, on Booty Assid. You like that tune, you’ll like this.

Next up, Laws of Nature by Orgy of Distortion (the Dogwash and Pablo Sonic Terrorist) has higher-pitched, more insistent acid and a declamatory female vocal sample that works a treat, while So Fuck All You boasts a low-slung, growly acid line, menacing drums and a frankly threatening vocal sample. (‘Threatening’ in the context of this blog meaning ace, of course). In short, a great EP from a bunch of producers that simply couldn’t be boring if they tried.

Get it from: 909 London

Hear it:

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All four appear in a Rabbits mix to be found here.