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Cat no: CML 21
Release date: 21/06/11

Get it from: Juno 

BPM: 142
Clean and hard beats drift in and out of a smoky room where goggle-eyed girls sit deep in sofas trying but crucially failing to raise the enthusiasm for dancing. Maybe they would if the track could just make up its mind about what it wanted to do, and had ambitions beyond being filler or tool. But it doesn’t so this is one for tump-brained technoheads bored of, you know, dynamics. It’s not atrocious, not by any means. It’s just that it’s a bit meh, a bit cup-of-lukewarm-tea, a bit Diplodocus when you want Velociraptor. And what it’s doing as the lead track I can’t begin to imagine.

Acid Music
A lone, flattened-out acid line isn’t quite enough to justify the ‘acid’ sample that runs throughout. And though it’s a nice enough track, and certainly more diverting than the nominal A-side, it’s still a bit like our man Ganez has toggled the autopilot switch before kicking back with a sandwich and a smuggled-aboard stripper.

Fraktal **
Yes. And yes. And ye-heh-es. Fraktal’s the track that that gives this EP a reason to live. With its chainsaw bassline and fast, fat beats, it sounds like something from Eurobeat, the kind of rushy, riffy techno seemingly swallowed up by tribal. Up till now I thought The Box was the best Ganez track of the year, but actually now I think it’s this. Cracking, easily the pick of the EP.

Incidentally, according to the Ganez Twitter feed, Teknic 07, featuring Chris Liberator and Sterling Moss is coming out soon, so let’s cross our trembling, blood-stained fingers in the hope of something truly destroying.