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Conspiracy by AP & Josh Inc. kicks off the EP with two acid lines that tussle and scratch like fat lady wrestlers, before another one joins them and things get real messy. Meanwhile in the background a sampled John F Kennedy talks about being opposed to secrecy and secret societies. I used to love it when Acid Techno felt like a political force as well as a party on plastic, and this is a return to those happy, happy days, when hangovers only lasted till Wednesday.

What’s to love on No Idea by Bonz & Josh Inc.? Everything. The lowness, the fatness of the riff, not to mention some effects that remind me of playing GoldenEye on the N64. Along comes more acid, more fatness. It’s one of those tracks that if it was a dog would be a big rabid one. This, ladies and gentleman, is the sound in Cujo’s head when he’s lying in the yard waiting to maul Donna and Tad to death*. Oh and then, joy of joys, a classic Marky Mark moment from The Departed. My favourite of the EP.

Get Ready by Graham Acidic & OB1 shimmies into view and it’s time for your acid-line workout here. As ever where OB1’s involved, the 303 is tweaked and manipulated to perfection. It soars, it swirls, it fizzes like an over-carbonated bottle of Soda Stream ready to shower the kitchen in a sticky residue of something that’s supposed to taste like Coca Cola.

‘A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having’ begins Acid Revolution by MK303, as a sprightly kick lays foundation on which multiple, old skooly acid lines build and screech and bicker and whine. If I say this’ll put you in mind of The Rabbit’s Name Was then you’ll know we mean that as the highest praise it is possible to confer upon a tune. And that’s before a positively stunning breakdown and squirly climax.

*Interesting fact: Donny Pintauro, who played Tad in the film, now sells Tupperware.

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