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Inside the Government comes from Chris Liberator, Darc Marc, and Athar, who’s otherwise known as Pawel Panczyk and is, along with Osmo (Tomasz Osmański), one of Scythe Squadron’s founders. The track has everything you’d expect of such a mighty pairing: fluid drums, plenty of changes and an Acid line that begins at lick and just builds and builds. Strong stuff, and on any other EP it would be the clear winner.

Any other EP, that is, apart from this one. Because after Sterling Moss’s Rebel Rouser, where the acid strolls a bit and a horn motif which promises much doesn’t really do a lot, leading to what is, by his high standards, a fairly restrained number, comes Osmo’s Acid In My Mind. Which is a destroying tune. A showstopping, how-do-you-follow-that? headfuck of a track. Gathering its elements patiently, it fireworks after a short break at around 1.49, after which anything goes. Fast – is it really just 142 BPM? – the foot only comes off the pedal for an Osmo speciality break, where you think the track’s going to flip out into something new, before all hell breaks loose for the next section, the main riff blasting away,  counter-melodies and choirs of acidic angels giving it a glorious busy feeling. I’m not exaggerating here. It’s glorious, exhilarating headrush techno, and the only problem, really, is how to get out of it without the energy dropping. You’ll manage, I’m sure.