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Clemens Neufeld was last spotted (by me anyway) around the turn of the millennium, putting out stuff on Missile, with Death Thrills being a particular favourite (well – again – with me). A quick check of Discogs reveals he’s not exactly been dormant since, but he’s certainly been less prolific and thus I get to call this a stunning comeback. Three tracks, all of them infused with the spirit of mid-nineties 303 action, when you’d be just as likely to hear Silent Breed or Pump Panel as A&E Dept; before Richie started flicking Pringle lids for a living, Misstress Barbara started singing and Umek went all progressive. First up, the Original Mix is almost Acid Tracks in its commitment to marrying a simple drum with a burbling acid line and hang me up like Richard Harris in A Man Called Horse if it isn’t addictive as all hell. Moving on and the Mark Hawkins Remix has a thicker, dirtier kick and a more trebly, antagonistic 303 for company, while tantalisingly, the Paul Birken Remix has sinister soundtracky chords, like someone trying to play the theme tune to Assault on Precinct 13 while being eaten alive by fire ants. Fantastic.

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