I don’t pretend to be any kind of 303 expert or oracle, so if there’s Acid out there I’m missing, please let me know, either by email at chronicleofrabbits@virginmedia.com or on Twitter @ChronOfRabbits. I do have a Facebook page, too, which is here, but it’s not a normal Facebook page; it doesn’t do much. I’m not even sure if you can add to it or not.

  1. dj zoid says:

    check out some of my mates acid…A.P. ..he.s got plenty of stuff on 909London.

  2. Jamie Taylor says:

    Nice site mate, thanks for the reviews – ill link this to http://www.fentek303.com if you dont mind

  3. check this stuff from my label Acid Chemical Plant :

  4. Allan says:

    hello mate, are you still doin the reviews for new releases?
    not seen much happening on the site for a while so just wondered if your still with us? … lol 🙂

    cheers, A.P.

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