Various – Scum Like Us (Corrosive)

Posted: September 19, 2013 in Uncategorized


We’ve been waiting a while for the release of this, with Scum Like Us featuring on SUF t-shirts before appearing in any home-listening sense, and now – shit the bed! – here it is. It’s the addictive vocal that really makes it, of course, that and the filthy acid, and it’s so good that I’m going to forget all about Pies n Mash, just pretend it never happened.

Back to this EP and the Naked Rockstars serve up something a bit different in Acid Corporation, a high-paced but lower-key acid bubbler, old skool in feel. The current trend is to go all-out, full-on filthy, so this represents a welcome change of pace, building and building very elegantly. Props go to Badger, AP and Josh Inc., the droogs behind it. And finally, Nightmare by Austin Corrosive, Tassid, Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss, which samples the rap from an old Kid Unknown track (I think) and is a full-throttle stormer, unleashing sheet-metal waves of acid. Sheer brilliance, just as you’d expect from the names above the door.

Get if from: 909

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