MK303 – Official 002 (Official)

Posted: December 5, 2012 in Acid Techno, Review
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The Brain: a beautifully languorous opening introduces a solid kick, a double dose of itchy and scratchy acid and a tremendous vocal sample. After about four minutes comes the break and the track really lifts off, the 303s blasting away in a squealy nineties style. It’s good, solid acid, exactly what you’d expect of the man like Matt Knight. Tribal drums are the standout feature of the flip, L.M.A.O.O.M.G before at 3.32 you’re treated to a breakdown with all the trimmings: an acid line that snarls and tugs at the leash, declamatory vocals, a smart ratcheting drum sound and then BOOM. Meanwhile, if you’re jonesing for these – and to be honest, if you’re here, you will be – then, firstly, head over to the new and improved Soitiz site, where you’ll find plentiful MK303 goodness, including a brand new free track, and secondly navigate to his Soundcloud page, for yet more bruising acidity, just the way we like it.

Get it from: 303 Acid Techno

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