The Badger, Fil Devious, Owen Acid, Nesbit – Bangin’ Out the Acid EP (Soitiz 001)

Posted: October 24, 2012 in Acid Techno, Review

Badger’s The Low Down has a yowling 303 that reaches intense, rushy peaks, as well as couple more that tussle and scratch like squabbling puppies. Fil Devious’s Slur n Slice, meanwhile, is a tasty triptych, beginning with echo-soaked corrugated percussion before taking a deep breath and breaking out a grumbly 303 at around the three-minute mark, and then – mix out of this at your peril – employing a ravey synth to see us to the door. Darkside psychedelia, done to a tee. Next up comes Owen Acid’s True Warrior: with a fast, skipping kick, a sample from Street Fighter, and at least three beautifully developed acid lines, this is a tremendous track, with bags of atmosphere and a truly fearsome whipcrack to it. Lastly but not leastly, Nesbit’s The Game plunders Predators, not just for a dialogue sample, but also for that superb, Predator clicking sound, although the fat acid is his own. Fantastic stuff from Soitiz, who through the website, the radio show and now the label, are fast becoming Acid Techno’s premier pie-eyed polymaths.

Get it from: 909 London

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