Justin E – Nailz EP (Viral Outbreak))

Posted: October 11, 2012 in Techno
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Cat no: VOD 016
Get it from: Juno

The drawback of being a lazy bastard and not posting since August – August! – is that I miss covering some great tunes, but this one I’m not letting slip through the net, no sir. Nailz you probably already know. At 146 BPM it’s just the rickety-ticket for taking proceedings up a notch; those cantering drums don’t do it any harm, and the main riff, hard and metallic, is as funky as it is scary,  something of a Justin E trademark. Red Herring kicks my arse from here until next week — again with the scary riffs, yo! Meanwhile, Psycosis and Chimera are just that little bit deeper, little bit darker. And then, woah, Outpost, easily the most brooding and soundtracky thing I’ve heard from Mr Edwards, a nightmarish wash of oxidisation – peeling, tarnished, a future already in decay. Awesome stuff.

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