Silex – Twisted Turmoil EP (Anecdote)

Posted: June 7, 2012 in Review, Techno
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Silex is the new project from Fil Devious and Justin E, who together have been mining a love of horror movies and techno riffery for this debut EP, a more sinister, and snarling thing you couldn’t hope to find.

Coulrophobia, (145 BPM) then. No, I didn’t know what it meant either. The fear of clowns apparently: their cadaverous white faces, the painted-on grin that hides what they’re really thinking, which is that they want to skin you alive then stuff your body into the crawlspace. Accordingly, the Silex take opens with a clean kick, like the insistent drip-drip of an underground pool, but then comes a nasty, bubbling bassline, and then a set of chords that stare at you red-eyed from inside a storm drain. It hits its groove and stays there, dark, but without resorting to the industrial sound that’s getting a bit wearing elsewhere, intense and subtly layered. Fluff Buzz (143 BPM) is just as good. Coulrophobia’s sci-fi twin, it blasts away with trippy, swirling effects and nagging melodies, while Touch Tone Trip (145 BPM) breaks out a sample from The Thing halfway through and teases you with a ghostly 303 that might not even be there. Superb stuff.

Get it from: Juno

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