dyLAB – M.U.S.E EP (Devilbeat Records)

Posted: December 13, 2011 in Acid Techno
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Release date: 13/11/11
Get it from: Devilbeat

The latest from DyLAB is an overt homage to Richie Hawtin’s legendary acid workouts of the Nineties, with its track titles co-opted from Hawtin’s Dimension Intrusion album (one of his least acidy works from the period, funnily enough), and the sounds themselves indebted to the Plastikman debut, Sheet One  specifically the first side of Sheet One, where the ambient textures of Dimension Intrusion slowly gathered the clinical acid that was to become the Plastikman trademark. Judging by what’s here, that’s the side of Hawtin DyLAB loves best. As ever the beauty of the production lies in the warmth of the sounds and the care with which they’re deployed, the usual precision-tooled 808 sound providing a metronomic foundation to the single analogue 303 lines that runs throughout all three tracks. Moondrive and Dimensional Replicant are both compelling, though a tad overlong, but rounding out the EP, Slac is a little gem, with an insistent acid line that develops at a less leisurely rate than elsewhere and really benefits from it.

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