K.Larm & J.Raninen – 303 and Friends EP (Vi Tva Records)

Posted: December 12, 2011 in Acid Techno
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Cat no: 10031141
Release date:
Get it from: Beatport

Some judicious prodding put me in touch with this masterful EP from Finland’s K.Larm and J. Raninen. Tough enough for Technoheads but with definite Tech-House appeal – even dare I say it, ‘progressive’ – all four tracks are packed with acid goodness, from the straight 303 workout of Noodle (128 BPM), through to Morphology’s re-rub of Recurrent Amnesia (133 BPM), which is much slower and more reflective than the BPM suggests and darkens the source track with atmospheric, textured piano. Meanwhile the original Recurrent Amnesia (126 BPM) sounds like vintage Leftfield – or David Holmes when he was good – a lengthy slice of epic acid that bubbles along on a bed of dreamy, echoing pads; while Luftpost 2010 (128 BPM) is a harder, riffier affair with DJ-friendly stabs announcing each new development. Fantastic stuff.

  1. Kaj Larm says:

    K.Larm & J.Raninen – 303 And Friends EP is also available as 12″ vinyl: http://www.deejay.de/Klarm_und_Jraninen__64276

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