Freethinker – S9B (Acid 303)

Posted: October 12, 2011 in Acid Techno
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Cat no: A3038
Release date:
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Release the Scud
BPM: 140
Watch yer bassbins, this has a chest-rattling sub-bass, countered by a lithe, metallic 303 which holds things together whenever the bassline takes time off for good behaviour. Somewhere in there is a sampled riff from a London classic, the name of which is going to come to me at 4am, and overall this is a hard, oppressive monster vibe that thunders along for an epic ten minutes or so. Brilliant stuff.

Roll a Fat One
BPM: 160
A filth-coated kick, surprisingly crisp snares, fidgety basslines and a rat-a-rat break – then, woah, cavernous drums. They sound like they’re coming through from next door’s dungeon as the sounds gradually erode, distort and decay, finishing in a murky mess of noise from which only the nifty 303 escapes unscathed. Brian Eno once said that listening to The Idiot by Iggy Pop was ‘like having your head encased in concrete’. This is like having your head encased in the whole of the M25.

Also on the EP are Gun Ship, S9B and Section 6.

Incidentally, Adam Derry’s Soundcloud can be found here. He does like a bit of hardcore, mind you. Meanwhile, Release the Scud appears alongside an older Freethinker number, the superb Terminator-sampling 401, in the Autumnal Acidity mix…

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