Knarztand – Not So Bad (Acid Tracks)

Posted: October 10, 2011 in Acid Techno
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Cat no: AT042
Release date:

Not So Bad
BPM: 134
Though it’s the slowest on the EP, Not So Bad is probably the most straight-ahead of the trio, thumping along and sporting a Pac Man acid line with Chicago written through it like a stick of rock. As with all the best 303 it’s an addictive, insistent track, but you’d better look sharp, DJs: it clocks in at just 3.27.

EFX 303
BPM: 140
Things heat up with a faster, more cavernous kick, a distorted snare and far more aggressive, snarling acid. Foundations laid, it thunders along, oozing a barely contained power, the kick dropping in and out, the acid burping beneath a film of muck. Just wish it was a bit longer, to be honest.

What Was I Thinking Man
BPM: 140
A hazy and narcotic kick underpins two acid lines, one fat and insistent, the other light, squiggly and disruptive. The pair of them fight, but not quite enough in my humble onion, and the track rather peters out rather than the fireworks.

Get it from: Juno

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