dyLAB – Filter In (Acid All Stars)

Posted: June 27, 2011 in Acid Techno
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Cat no: AA25
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Get it from: Beatport

There’s a Cornish flavour to the latest from Melbourne’s dyLAB, who acknowledges the debt to Rephlex’s Universal Indicator on his site. Just as he did with his previous EP, Wordsmith Project, where he worked from a template of trippy Chicagoan Acid, he’s revisiting the epochal 303 of our youth and tickling it into the new millennium with a fresh layer of sounds. Thus the Filter In EP is Mike Dred and Aphex acid but with bounce – a bit of dancefloor poke. And if it seems unusually expansive of him to so readily acknowledge his sources, then that’s because he knows full well that he’s bringing something new to the party. As Utah Saints would say, something good. It’s rare to find someone who works so diligently and with such perfectionism in their chosen field, but if that’s what you want, and who doesn’t, then dyLAB’s the droid you’re looking for.

The EP works as a whole. Really? Yes, really. It’s sixteen minutes thirty two seconds of analogue journey, of sounds that begin almost conventionally at Filter In One and finish fried and exhausted-but-happy by Filter In Three. Filter In One (130BPM) then, is probably the most floor-friendly of the set. It’s got a spacious bass drum and sudden outbreaks of distorted military drumming, like you used to hear in Sabres of Paradise records. Over that comes exquisite, high-frequency acid, a head fuck for sure, but a funky one. Filter In Two (130 BPM) is a more obstinate, testing offering, best heard when you’ve been softened up by One, with the drums taking a distinct second place to screaming, squabbling 303 lines. By Filter in Three (135 BPM) you’re hearing the final death throes of his machinery and, fittingly, it all ends suddenly, as though burnt out and blackened. In short, a brilliant EP. A masterful brew of acid worship and musical ambition from a producer happy to feed the head and feet.

  1. […] and vintage gear,’ which is just what dyLAB’s all about. His last EP was the Filter In set, an exercise in ascending weirdness. Here, he has reined in the experimentation, with each of […]

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