Andy Todd – Liam Loves Acid EP (Re Washed LDT)

Posted: June 10, 2011 in Acid Techno
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Cat no: 100242 66
Release date:

Liam Loves Acid
BPM: 144
This is the sound going round the head of a sweaty hold-up guy in a Dirty Harry film: proper, hard, no-messing acid pretty much from the get-go. From 2.13 a tense breakdown builds to the long goodbye and we’re left slightly shaken and thinking two things: firstly, now that it’s all over and we’ve stepped out into the chill morning air, maybe that 303 could have been developed just a touch more; and secondly, it doesn’t really matter, because those drum sounds: wow.

Saturator 2 **
BPM: 143
Elements of Liam Love Acid reappear in tweaked form and what was nervy and paranoid takes on an even more sinister feel. The result is a horror film soundtrack at 143 BPM, and horror film soundtracks at 143 BPM make life worth living.

Get it from: Juno

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