Zoid – SUF90908 (Stay Up Forever 909)

Posted: May 23, 2011 in Acid Techno
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Cat no: SUF90908
Release date:

BPM: 145
The F.A.T Collective is well and truly bringing it this year: A.P’s Scythe Squadron tunes have been peerless (Can’t Get Enough probably the year’s most-reached-for track), Kick The Drum has announced its return to much online rejoicing and now the estimable Zoid releases this: two sides of 303 workout for SUF909. Having said all that, and at the risk of slightly contradicting myself, it’s not an especially strong release. The first side, Contract, is my least favourite. A stout kick lifts us off and at 1.03 a voice introduces an acid line that weaves its way in and out of the drum for the next five minutes but ­never really does anything interesting. Great for DJs, the breaks come with plenty of drum rolls, but on the other hand also add to the air of hoover that hangs over the whole thing. All right for some, perhaps. Not for me.

Like Contract, Riot has a vaguely retro feel to it, but the sound is simultaneously trancier and more organic, and thus preferable (to these ears at least), plus there’s a great flutey break at around 3.30, featuring a motif that plays through the rest of the track. It lifts the tune, no doubt, but not quite enough to make it essential. And the funny thing is, neither of these two tracks is anywhere near as strong as the – count ’em – six tracks given away for zilch and nada on the recently rejuvenated Kick the Drum’s Soundcloud page. These are free for you to download and trust me, you should. Pick of the crop is Zoid’s own Panic Attack, which uses a Goodfellas sample and packs a filthy kick, while A.P.’s 9bar goes for full-on screechy 303, Distek’s Praktikal does funky tribal and The Badger’s It’s Not Rock ’n’ Roll, It’s Acid uses a weirded-up sample of John Lennon (I think) to superb effect. All told, there’s about eight quids’ worth of free tunes available – uncompressed, too – and they’re all outstanding. If Kick the Drum’s proper releases are anywhere near this good, then we’re in for a treat.

  1. dj zoid says:

    hello mate, Zoid here! thanks for the constructive comments! i can understand where you are coming from with the 2 acid releases i done, to be honest i dont really like them myself but Aaron Liberator loved em….i sent 6 acid tracks in total and feel the 2 he picked where the weaker tracks to be honest! anyways, kick the drum digital and kick the drum 303 should be in online stores in the next 2 weeks. we got some awesome stuff done, tough, funky, energetic …and WELSH hehe!!

    • The White Rabbit says:

      Cheers, Mister Zoid, and thanks for reading and thanks for the tunes. REALLY looking forward to that KTD stuff.

      • dj zoid says:

        I will send you a promo package of KTD digital and KTD 303 if you send me an address mate! i think we got 3 releases ready for KTD digital (techno) and 3 releases for KTD 303 (acid techno). our plan is to release 2 track every 4 – 6 weeks.

  2. The Badger says:

    Much appreciated for the comments on the KTD free downloads. Im sure you will enjoy what is to follow.
    Kind regards
    The Badger.

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