Ganez the Terrible – The Box (Sweetpeak)

Posted: May 13, 2011 in Techno
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Cat no: SWP 04
Release date:

The Box **
BPM: 144
If it sounds dismissive to designate a track as a bridge or as filler, well it’s not, and certainly not when you get tunes as good as this, from the ever-present and ever-dependable Ganez. Food for sure, but gourmet French food: kickdrum from start, sirens from 1.00 in; a cracking, banging track, full of event, that sounds frankly phenomenal from inside the vortex. Imagine the truck chase from The Dark Knight set to music – with extra sirens.

BPM: 138
A slightly less interesting version of Bogota (below). Well, not ‘version of’, as such, except that Bogota deos everything this does, but while wearing more colourful trousers.

BPM: 140
Get you, hiding at the back of the EP and being hard and funky and pleasingly riffy from start to finish. Bogota doesn’t really go anywhere or do anything, but the central riff, which remains pretty unchanging from start to finish is chunky and cool and ensures the EP has a life beyond the title track.

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